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Name:Don't Treat Your Rainwater: Condition Assessment and SSES Programs to Reduce I/I in Collections Systems

New Course:Yes

Utilities often struggle to know where to capital dollars: find and repair I/I sources within their wastewater collection system, or invest in conveyance and treatment? The good news is that many utilities already have an abundance of data that can inform those decisions. We’ll discuss challenges and lessons learned from the implementation of several condition assessment, SSES, and I/I reduction programs.


Florida Provider No. 0008234

Level of Difficulty – Moderate


  • Review SSES projects and discuss project challenges and results
  • Utilize hydraulic modeling to assess benefit of I/I reduction
  • Evaluate how data analytics can guide your SSES program
  • Explore insights learned from several condition assessment, SSES and I/I reduction programs

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