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Name:Environmental Due Diligence (Often Underappreciated Until It’s Too Late)

New Course:Yes

When “the environmental due diligence” of a project site gets only a cursory review, it can lead to construction delays, added costs and a project delivery that the owner isn't expecting. This presentation will teach how to develop an environmental due diligence plan up front, helping you mitigate potential problems and keep surprises to a minimum.


Florida Provider No. 0008234

Level of Difficulty – Moderate


  • Have a fundamental understanding of the due diligence process and benefits
  • Understand the potential implications of not completing a due diligence process
  • Case studies illustrating the results of due diligence both good and bad 

10/14/20 Seats Available: 257 / 300

10am - 11am (Central) / 11am - 12 noon (Eastern)
Jimmy Gibson III, PE; Kimberly Buckley, PG
Virtual. Details to be emailed later.