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Name:Proactive Approaches to Maintaining Water Quality in Your Distribution System

New Course:Yes

Water utilities in warm climates often face water quality challenges during summer and early fall months. Sustained warm temperatures provide the perfect environment for nitrification, autodecomposition, and other phenomena that degrade chlorine residuals in the distribution system. This presentation will share utilities’ lessons learned and explore proactive strategies to maintain water quality in your distribution system.


Florida Provider No. 0008234

Level of Difficulty – Moderate


  • Summarize factors that contribute to distribution system water quality
  • Explore proactive strategies to maintain appropriate water quality in your distribution system
  • dentify tools available to your utility to help stay ahead of water quality issues

9/30/20 Seats Available: 245 / 300

10am - 11am (Central) / 11am - 12 noon (Eastern)
Scott Cole, PE; Xi Zhao, PE
Virtual. Details to be emailed later.