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Name:Sustainable Water Management Practices

New Course:Yes

Austin Water Forward

On November 29, 2018 Austin City Council unanimously approved a 100-year plan, the Water Forward Integrated Water Resource Plan. Austin Water is proud to present its plan to ensure accessibility to water far into the future without taking water from another community. Water Forward is the first plan in Texas to incorporate climate change into its future projections. Key strategies found in the plan include Aquifer Storage and Recovery, alternative water ordinances and incentives, smart meters, nonrevenue water reduction, and landscape transformation ordinances and incentives.

Tarrant Regional Water District ASR

TRWD is currently exploring ASR as a potential strategy in our water supply system. TRWD will discuss how the district serves water to customers, and how it evaluates meeting future needs. TRWD will describe how the district has conducted multiple ASR studies over the last two decades in a stepwise fashion that has led us to its current pilot project. Finally, TRWD will cover the goals of the current project (what questions are trying to be answered), and where TRWD is with the study.


  • Overview of Advanced Metering Tools
  • Discussion of alternatives to traditional drought of record
  • Incorporation of Water Supply Portfolios and Decision Support
  • Review of Water Conservation Programs


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Examine alternatives to the traditional drought of record and how these recent trends can be used to assess vulnerability of water supplies across the state
  • Apply advanced metering tools to assess water supply management and guide decision-making
  • Evaluate efficacy of water conservation programs in building a sustainable water supply portfolio
  • Manage a resilient water supply through application of asset management
  • Develop reliable water supply portfolios with decision support and risk analysis.

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