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Name:Presentation Skills

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Are you nervous speaking in front of a group? Do you struggle with how to make your presentation flow? Would you like to better engage your audience? Presentation Skills was designed with you in mind! This one-day course assists you with how to exude confidence, how to capture an audience and maintain their engagement from start to finish. We will explore tips on controlling your nerves and creating a captivating presentation that is sure to make your audience go “wow!”


Participants will learn tips to control nervousness and stage fright, talking to the audience and holding their attention, how to handle the Q&A section of your presentation. Participants will do several presentations in front of the group to practice new tricks.


  • Consider the importance of introductions and first impressions
  • Apply Audience engagement techniques
  • Review the delivery basics - voice, body language, words
  • Explain best practices when preparing visuals
  • Develop strategies for handling Q&A
  • Value the discipline of quality practice

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